About Us

We decided to renew participatory support to complete our budget.
It is also thanks to this financing that I was able to manufacture "La Libellule" with which I won the solar challenge on the Suntrip 2015.
With my son Yann, you will also be able to subscribe for all the elements of the project this year through this crowd-funding websites

Depending on your aspirations, you can choose to participate in the financing of various mechanical, electrical, solar and logistic elements of the project.

To finance the entirety of our duo project on this Suntrip 2018 since the manufacture of the TwinDragonFly tandem, logistics, stewardship for about 60 stages of travel and return to the country, we plan a budget between 20,000 and 25,000 € .
The support of technical partners (companies and institutions) allows us to cover half of this budget.
The complement will be divided between participatory support and our self-financing.

Beyond sporting performance, with my son Yann, we are keen to demonstrate that other ways to travel exist, by enrolling in an energy transition necessary to safeguard our planet.
We are convinced that the performance of the Suntrip and the innovation that this adventure stimulates in the creation of more and more efficient vehicles can lead to the democratization of a new mode of travel.
We hope to demonstrate this with our "TwinDragonFly" tandem on which we will experiment some original technical solutions.

In accordance with the legislation in force, this subscription will be made in favor of the "EcoSunRide" association with the project "Cauquil Père & Fils - EcoSunRiders - Suntrip 2018"

EcoSunRide (Association loi 1901 - N ° RNA: W643006561 - N ° SIRET: 80454371800014) will manage the accounts with the professional or institutional partners wishing to provide me with material and financial assistance as well as with the individuals sponsoring the project.